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Strategic Job Search Coaching

30 minutes could change your career. 


We offer a proven 3-step strategy to enable you to find and secure your next job. 

1. Foundation Coaching | Create a robust, practical plan for identifying and securing your next job


2. Continuity Coaching | Maintain momentum, drive and focus to execute your career plan


3. First 90 | Ensure your have a strong and positive impact upon starting your new job


How does it work? 

We always start by understanding where you are in the process. We discuss your goals and what you have achieved so far in your career. 

Across three face-to-face sessions, we will take you through our blueprint strategy. This will help create an actionable plan for you to execute. 

We want our time with you to be as effective and efficient as possible. Therefore, there will be work to complete between sessions. You will also need time to reflect on some of the questions and issues raised in our sessions. 


Is it for me? 

A NEED FOR CHANGE | Our clients are professionals who, for whatever reason, find themselves in need to find a new job or to prepare for a career transition. Reasons for this can include: 

  • Wanting to move to secure a more senior role

  • Being blocked from promotion

  • Being made redundant

  • Preparing for an internal competition for a more senior role

OUR CLIENTS include Senior Executives in: 

  • Financial Services | Equity Research | Investment Banking

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Security and Government

TIME | Our coaching will save you time in your job search. We have been down this road many times and we are able to find ways to avoiding time-consuming mistakes, thus accelerating the process.

We also understand that our clients sometimes have a certain window of opportunity before they are considered to have been 'out' for too long.

In curtailing the time spent out of work, our clients suffer less from the reduction in their skills from under-use and the loss of credibility from their network and potential employers.

One of the key considerations of our clients is cash flow and quite rightly so. By accelerating the process and cutting the time out of employment by even just one month, our clients recognise that they have in fact protected their cash flow by getting back into paid work sooner.

SUPPORT | Searching for a job can be a long and challenging road.  It can be stressful for the individual and put strain on relationships. Having support from a third party who knows the journey and has been at the side of many people in same situation before can be invaluable.

There is no question that Stephen’s coaching was a critical factor in my success. Within 8 months, I landed my dream role and made the leap into the next phase of my career
— Former Coaching Client - Sarah, Director, Microsoft UK.

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