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It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

Here’s an idea on how a small investment in time now will save you a chunk of time later and perhaps more importantly, it will definitely save you a ton of stress.

When was the last time you upgraded your CV? I can almost feel you stress levels increasing from here. In my experience as a Career Coach, when clients need their CV, for whatever reason, they need it right now. The pressure is on to send it off, creating a stressful sense of urgency that could have been avoided with a small amount of work at the start of each year. Here’s my advice on whst you should to do revamp your CV this January - you’ll thank yourself later:

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We all know that the days of "work steady at the same job and collect the gold watch and pension at the end of your career" are well and truly over. The environment is changing and that change is accelerating. Whole business models are crushed and others are created. One minute you have a job and then next you are on the street wondering what happend. In order to do well now requires an understanding of the reasons for change and the right mindset and very specific skills.

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6 Ways Job Seekers Can Use LinkedIn Effectively

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 and started rolling out changes to the platform in March 2017 a great deal has changed. Here are some up-to-date ways in which job seekers can use this very powerful platform to significantly enhance their job search. If this is done well it is possible get potential employers to come and find you.

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