Beware the Job Spec

Getting hold of a job specification before going in for interviews is clearly a great chance to understand what the employer is looking for. It can therefore be used as a guide for your preparation, in that you can be ready to explain exactly in what ways you fit with their Crete. However, there are one or two words of caution which will help you use any given job specification even more effectively.

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The Dangers of Reverse-Engineering Your Next Career Move

I am often approached by potential coaching clients who, it soon becomes clear, are already in conversation with one or two firms who have sought them out as a possible candidate for a role. When I ask them what they like about these firms and the jobs that are on offer, I often feel that there is a high degree of ‘retrospective rationalisation’.

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How to get Noticed by a Recruiter

Recruiters vary their methods depending on the scope and level of seniority of their recruitment assignment. In essence, their job is to gather potential candidates one way or another, and filter them down to a workable shortlist of candidates who they will interview. They may advertise for candidates either online and/or in the press, or search for candidates online or by word of mouth. Thus, in this blog we will run through how to maximise your chances of getting noticed by a recruiter.

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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Being Made Redundant

One of my key roles as a career coach is to help my clients manage their emotions. I know that in those moments of euphoria or staring at the abyss, decisions are made which will have a profound impact on getting that new assignment - a job that will match your criteria and which you will find truly fulfilling. 

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2017 to 2018 - Reflect And Plan

At this time of year, with Christmas gone and and before we get to the New Year, there is an opportunity to reflect on the year past and to plan with keen anticipation for the year to come.

In this two-part blog, we will ask a series of questions which will enable you to do just that, so that you can start 2018 with clarity and a deep hunger to drive your career forward.

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Inertia - The Silent Enemy


Many coaching clients come to me becasue they feel that tey are stuck in their current job. They know that it's not great and in fact, they may even fear for their future, yet inertia has prevented them from taking action to improve things. They have numbed out their dissatisfaction and hoped that everything will be ok.

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