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Beware the Job Spec

Getting hold of a job specification before going in for interviews is clearly a great chance to understand what the employer is looking for. It can therefore be used as a guide for your preparation, in that you can be ready to explain exactly in what ways you fit with their Crete. However, there are one or two words of caution which will help you use any given job specification even more effectively.

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We all know that the days of "work steady at the same job and collect the gold watch and pension at the end of your career" are well and truly over. The environment is changing and that change is accelerating. Whole business models are crushed and others are created. One minute you have a job and then next you are on the street wondering what happend. In order to do well now requires an understanding of the reasons for change and the right mindset and very specific skills.

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How to Successfully Prepare for a Phone Interview

Employers often do their first interview over the phone, in particular for jobs with a high number of applicants. The aim of the phone interview is to assess whether you are a serious applicant, and whether it is worth bringing you in for an interview. The ultimate goal is to showcase both your enthusiasm and your commitment to the position, in a short conversation.

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