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The Motivating Power of Why

Former US Navy SEAL, Commander Mark Divine, runs a series of ‘boot camps’ that are designed to give civilians a taste of the selection regimen that the SEAL recruits have to endure. The bootcamps represent a very significant challenge and can serve as a vehicle for personal development. The shortest course that participants can sign up to is 24 hours: that is 24 hours of non-stop hard and demanding physical grind. Divine asks his clients to complete a questionnaire before accepting them on the course. He says that the single biggest determining factor as to whether a participant will be able to endure and complete the course is how powerful their why is. Whether they have a strong reason for doing the boot camp course has a strong correlation with success. If they have a weak ‘why’ – or motivation – then failure becomes a very likely outcome.

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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Being Made Redundant

One of my key roles as a career coach is to help my clients manage their emotions. I know that in those moments of euphoria or staring at the abyss, decisions are made which will have a profound impact on getting that new assignment - a job that will match your criteria and which you will find truly fulfilling. 

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2017 to 2018 - Reflect And Plan

At this time of year, with Christmas gone and and before we get to the New Year, there is an opportunity to reflect on the year past and to plan with keen anticipation for the year to come.

In this two-part blog, we will ask a series of questions which will enable you to do just that, so that you can start 2018 with clarity and a deep hunger to drive your career forward.

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Inertia - The Silent Enemy


Many coaching clients come to me becasue they feel that tey are stuck in their current job. They know that it's not great and in fact, they may even fear for their future, yet inertia has prevented them from taking action to improve things. They have numbed out their dissatisfaction and hoped that everything will be ok.

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The Future: Robots and Immortality

Last week, Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi published their latest book, Juvenescence, in which they discuss the science and investment opportunities of longevity. I also read an article in The Times, which reported that Microsoft will be launching an AI recruiter to interview candidates for jobs, a programme that they developed with Botanic. Both longevity and automation have deep consequences for the way the world is going and for the world of work, and there may be things that we can do to prepare.

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Hinterland: Life Beyond Work

Earlier this week, I was talking a CEO who was under a great deal of stress at work. The more we spoke, the more I began to consider the possibility that some of this stress was self-imposed. As I tried to broaden the conversation to other aspects of their life, I began to realise that there really wasn't anything else - this role, being a CEO, was it. This reminded me of the words of a very wise mentor: "Build a hinterland". What do I mean by a hinterland and why is it so important?

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How to Get a Raise

There will come a time in your career, when you will feel as if you are entitled to a salary increase. Like with most salary negotiations, this can be not only uncomfortable, but actively intimidating. However, if you genuinely think you are deserving, it is certainly not something to shy away from. If you follow the tips below, it is possible to ask for a raise in a constructive and hopefully, not stressful manner. 

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We all know that the days of "work steady at the same job and collect the gold watch and pension at the end of your career" are well and truly over. The environment is changing and that change is accelerating. Whole business models are crushed and others are created. One minute you have a job and then next you are on the street wondering what happend. In order to do well now requires an understanding of the reasons for change and the right mindset and very specific skills.

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6 Ways Job Seekers Can Use LinkedIn Effectively

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 and started rolling out changes to the platform in March 2017 a great deal has changed. Here are some up-to-date ways in which job seekers can use this very powerful platform to significantly enhance their job search. If this is done well it is possible get potential employers to come and find you.

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