It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

Here’s an idea on how a small investment in time now will save you a chunk of time later and perhaps more importantly, it will definitely save you a ton of stress.

When was the last time you upgraded your CV? I can almost feel you stress levels increasing from here. In my experience as a Career Coach, when clients need their CV, for whatever reason, they need it right now. The pressure is on to send it off, creating a stressful sense of urgency that could have been avoided with a small amount of work at the start of each year. Here’s my advice on what you should to do revamp your CV this January - you’ll thank yourself later:

  • Set a strict time limit of 45 minutes for this exercise.

  • Review you professional achievements over the last year. Doing this every January will ensure that that you are capturing your victories while they are fresh in your mind. Trying to remember your deals closed, sales targets hit, projects completed etc., from two three years ago may be a struggle.

  • Write down any new skills that you have acquired and any qualifications that you have earned.

  • Now, in the light of both your recent achievements, skills and qualifications, you can enhance youre Personal Profile. Remember: this is the paragraph at the top of your CV. It comprises five or six sentences where you spell out the promises of value that you can bring to a business. The professional progress that you made in 2018 should allow you to promise more to a future employer.

  • Go back to the experience section and include the highlights of your 2018 aciviements. This will add further credibility to and validitiy for the claims of value that you have made above.

  • Now go the bottom of your CV to the Education and Qualification section and add in any new items that you think are relevant.

  • Finally, trim down the job section which describes your very first jobs. The extent to which you do this will depend on how much space you have ( one or two page CV), how relevant those roles are to your Personal Profile, and how long ago they were.

Doing this 45 minute exercise will have a number of clear benefits. First, you will now have a rough and ready version of your CV wich has been fully updated and which will not take long to polish up should you need to send it out in hurry in 2019. Second, you will have re-associated with your 2018 victories which will make your feel great; progress equals happiness. Finally, knowing that you will be doing this again in the first week of 2020, it may cause you to think about what you would like to be able to write into that next version of your CV and thus help you with goal setting for 2019.

I hope you have found this useful. If you need furhter help and guidance on CV wrting, we have an ebook available on this website ( ) or you could ask us to have one of our professional CV writers to take that task of you hands and do a full professional upgrade; this will save you time and hassle and you will have a great CV ready to go. More more information click here: