The Bare Essentials Of Linkedin

I have for the past few weeks looked at over three hundred Linkedin profiles and have noticed that quite a high proportion are so weak that those people cannot be reaping any of the significant benefits of this platform. So hear are some reasons why it worth investing a little time and effort to getting it to a workable level and what specifically to do. Of course the irony of this blog post is that the very people who might benefit from these thoughts are unlikely to be reading it; so please feel free to share.

I should that this is the first of two Linkedin related blogs and in the next I will be offering some ideas on how to step up your game.

Why should one invest time and effort in improving one’s Linkedin Profile?

  • Your next employer will be using it.

  • You can make yourself visible and easy to be found so opportunities are more likely to come your way.

  • It is a place to keep all your professional connections: current and past colleagues, clients and service provides and interesting people who you would like to have in your network.

  • Accessability. You may not always have access to your Bloomberg terminal or work computer. It is very well laid out, searchable and easy to use on you mobile.

  • It is a place to reach out and connect with new people thus expanding your network.

  • It is also very easy to help others by making introductions.

I could go on. Here are the three basic steps to get to a reasonable level.

  1. Get a Photo, a photo of your head and shoulders looking professional. This is not Facebook or Tinder. It is amazing how often people will be put off asking to connect if there is no photo.

  2. Get to at least 500 connections. This gives you a critical mass and it shows that you are taking the platform seriously. Simply connect with your professional connections as listed above. Go backwards in time inviting just five or ten a day. Invite people as you meet them and the numbers will very soon mount up. I suggest that you write a personal note with the invitation.

  3. Have a good Headline. The headline is the writing immediately below your photo. It should make it very obvious what you do, the level that you do it at. You can use key words which make you more findable for peopel searching the platform for people with your skills.

There we have it. Those, it seems to be are the bare essentials and it will not take too much time or effort to achieve that level.

Stephen Wright