The Hidden Challenge Of Moving Jobs

It is very easy to completely underestimate just how much professional collateral you have built up whilst working at a given firm for a number of years. By this, I mean two things. First, the value of the professional relationships that one has and how much ‘goodwill value’ has been accumulated. The second is the knowledge of how the firm works, its procedures and systems, hierarchy, values and ethos. 

If this is underestimated then it is also possible to seriously underestimate the time, effort and focus required to recreate your professional collateral in a new firm. 

We have developed a nine-stage process, Career Move Blueprint, which takes high-achieving professionals from where they are in their career to where they want to be - we help them make their next smart career move. In the final stage, we address the subject of how to join a new firm in the most effective and impactful way. 

Here are some ideas drawn from this process that I hope will be useful if you’re soon to be joining a new firm: 

  • The goal is to become recognised as adding significant value and to ultimately be well-known, trusted, respected and liked.
  • Learn how the firm works. Study org. charts, operational procedures, manuals and so on. 
  • Find a mentor guide within the firm who can accelerate your progress by showing you the ropes.
  • Learn the firm's unique language and jargon, which may be different from your old firm even if it is in the same industry.
  • Identify the one or two people within the firm who are super connected - they will be a great resource to introduce you to the people you need to meet, especially in a large organisation.
  • Start building great relationships with your close colleagues and with more strategically-placed colleagues, perhaps in other departments.
  • Build your reputation by delivering results and keeping your promises.

The key things that might be worth avoiding include:

  • Saying negative things.
  • Constantly referring back to how your last employer did things - good or bad.
  • Being tempted to gossip.

The objective of being well-connected, trusted and liked, and knowing how to navigate your way through the organisation, is a considerable challenge. It is perhaps one that does not have an end point, but is a prize well worth working towards.

If you're in the midst of making a career transition, or you're soon to be starting at a new firm, and would like to talk to someone about how to maximise the success of your first 90 days, please get in touch. 

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