6 Ways Job Seekers Can Use LinkedIn Effectively

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 and started rolling out changes to the platform in March 2017 a great deal has changed. Here are some up-to-date ways in which job seekers can use this very powerful platform to significantly enhance their job search. If this is done well it is possible get potential employers to come and find you.

  1. Have A Great Profile. This is not the place to cover Linkedin Profiles in detail however here are some brief points. Have a good photo and a background photo. Tell the audience what you do, at what level you do it, who you do it for and the results that they can expect. Upload a short video of yourself saying the same. Get plenty of endoresments and recommendations. Make very clear the value you offer and rapidly establish your credibility with the reader.
  2. Clearly State What You Are Looking. The term I see being used most often is "seeking new opportunities". Let the reader know the field, role and level that you are interested in. This performs the same function as a "Career Objective" statement on an CV.
  3. Contact Information. Put your email and maybe your mobile number in a prominent place and not in areas where the reader has to click "show more" to find them.
  4. Network. This is a more long term strategy. It is essential to build a good number of connections in your chosen area. 500 is probably the minimum to achieve some degree of critical mass. As you are doing that, it helps if you are seen as a contributor. That means being someone who posts, comments and shares. It is also great if you can take the time to introduce connections who might be able to derive mutual benefit. Networking, as I am sure you have heard many times before, is about giving rather than receiving.
  5. Make Yourself Findable. So make sure that your profile has a good level of keywords throughout. This will ensure that your name will come up when a recruiter puts the keywords in the search bar. If you are not certain what the relevant keywords for you are then try experimenting a little. Put your best guesses in to the search function and see who comes up in the search results.  If they are people who do the same as you, read the text in their profiles and spot what keywords they are using. Take those keywords and add them to the text in your profile. If you haven't got LinkedIn Prime I would suggest that you get it.
  6. Tell The Recruiters. Go into Settings & Privacy. In Privacy there is a Job Seeking section and in there you will find a section called Let Recruiters know that you're open to opportunities. Go in there and complete the questions as they apply to you. The opportunity to help recruiters find you in this area is pretty extensive. In addtion, you might want to identify and connect with recruiters who focus in your particular field.

LinkedIn is without question the most effective social media tool for professionals and is increasingly the go-to place for those looking to hire and be hired. Follow the steps above and you will not be going too far wrong is capturing the full potential of this platform.